PYFL Resources

(Here is the PyLucid 1.2 zip file)

This is the new page for PyFL resources (PyFL = Python based Functional Language). As they said in the 90's, this page is under construction.

There's lots about PyFL in my blog, at And here's the PyFL 1.01 zip file

Btw, PyFL is "Python based" in the sense that it is implemented in Python, not that it extends it. But it borrows several ideas from Python, such as infix operators, dynamic typing, conventional function application notation, multiple returns and format strings. Also it is possible by adjusting the interpreter to give PyFL access to individual packages, such as matplotlib.

The MABWA project

My good friend Michael Levy and I are collaborating on what we call the "MABWA project". The idea is to speed up PyFL using a standard technique: compiling PyFL into the code for an abstract machine.